Advertising on Irish Independent Escorts

Standard service provider adverts are completely free on Irish Independent Escorts. To become a Service Provider on IIE please follow these 3 steps:

  1. Register an account
    • Click the activation link contained within the email we sent at time of registration.
    • Check your inbox for the activation email and if you cannot see it check your junk/spam folder. If you still cannot find it login and click "Resend Validation" link at the top right of the forums.
    • Once the activiation link is clicked, a staff member will review your account and approve within 24 hours (Usually within 12 hours).
  2. Complete your profile.
    • While waiting on activation you should login to your account and update all your advert/profile details as well as upload your main profile image. You should do this as soon as possible to speed up the process of approving your account. To do this, just login by click your username at the top right and then click "Edit My Profile". The more profile details you complete the quicker your advert will be approved.
    • The most important profile fields that need to be completed before we can allow you to advertise are; My Birthday/Date of Birth, Services Provider Type, Services Provided, Location details, Name (what ever name you wish to use for your advert, does not need to be the same as your username), Gender, Sexuality, Nationality, Height, Hair Colour, Eye Colour, Rates (at least one rate must be set), Schedule (the general times and days your available for work) and Booking Preferences.
  3. Request service provider access
    • Once your account is activated, send a private message to a Staff Member requesting service provider access.
    • We will review your profile details and let you know if there are any problems. Otherwise we will approve your service provider access and your advert will become available immediately on the directory if you have set your location to one within Ireland or set to Outside of Ireland.
    • If you set your location to Touring then your advert will only appear once you have set-up tours. Please see the following link for instructions for setting up tours; Tour Instructions

Once approved, you can

  • Add photos or videos to the gallery which will appear on your advert
  • Create a blog
  • Add tours
  • Post once per day to the Adverts forum
  • Post once per day to the Special Offers forum
  • Request Photo Verificiation (see below)
  • Request Verificiation that you are Independent (see below)
  • Book Featured Slots for 100 Euro per week/300 Euro per month
  • Book Sponsored Banners for 200 Euro per month

Paid Adverts

The difference between paid adverts and free adverts is that with a paid advert your telephone number displays on your advert where as with a free advert visitors/members can only send you a message via our private messaging system.

Paid Advert Rates
Duration Cost Savings
1 Day 5 Euro
1 Week 30 Euro 5 Euro
4 Weeks 100 Euro 40 Euro
24 Weeks 500 Euro 340 Euro
52 Weeks 1,000 Euro 825 Euro

Featured Service Provider Adverts

To cover the costs of running IIE, server hosting, bandwidth, DDoS protection and such, we offer all our Service Providers the option of booking a Featured Advert slot. The costs are;

Featured Advert Rates
Duration Cost
1 Day 10 Euro
1 Week 60 Euro
4 Weeks 200 Euro

Featured adverts offer the following benefits;

  • Front Page Advert for duration of booked slot
  • Profile always listed above standard adverts for your location whether it be a tour or normal location where you reside.

Sponsor Banners

We also offer banner advertising to both service providers and third parties. The costs are;

Banner Advert Rates
Type Duration Cost
Sidebar Square (125 x 125) 1 Week 75 Euro
Sidebar Square (125 x 125) 1 Month 250 Euro
Header Banner (468 x 60) 1 Week 100 Euro
Header Banner (468 x 60) 1 Month 300 Euro

Sponsor Banners;

  • Front page banner for duration of booked slot
  • Banners will appear on all pages except service provider adverts.
  • Header banners will appear on all pages including service provider adverts.

Your banner can link to your website or if your a service provider can be linked to your IIE advert directly or even webcam profile on LiveJasmin.

Payment Methods Accepted

Visa/Mastercard/American Express/Redpass/Bitcoin/Liberty Reserve/Bank Transfer