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why i love my regulars

Posted by Annabel taylor, 21 February 2014 · 1696 views

"The Regular.

I love my Regulars; I appreciate and enjoy them all. But then there is the Regular, the one who comes in, cockily, cheekily, with a wink of his eye who tells you you're looking sexy, who slaps your ass, who follows you into the room, who lays the money on a dresser and the showers. There is no awkwardness, no nerves, just cheeky banter passing between us, setting the mood so to speak: this will be an hour of teasing pleasure. And I, for once, will not be in the driving seat but rather a very happy, delighted passenger.

There will be the cheeky jokes and the flirting, the hungry and urgent grazing off one another's skin, until one of us just goes in for the kill. There will be that familiar mouth seeking out my lips, looking to taste them and part them; my breast will be pulled from my bra and he will eagerly suck hard on my nipples, rub my clitoris - stopping and starting and driving me insane - until I just want to grab his hand and hold it just there.

But this, for me, is a familiar ride. I know that it is best to let this game unfold.......
there's a pure indulgence in a good, regular client who knows just how to please me, tease me and make my pussy into a quivering, lustful, dripping mess; just lying back and being served up an orgasm on a silver platter.

I am being paid by this gentleman but I am a fan to say the least. I am lying there with him squeezing my nipples, while he spends most of his time, making me come over and over,
.................... flicking, licking, fingering .................. a perfect combination or timing and rhythm, making me sing out loud for more.

Perversely it is these are the gents, who make this job, this life, this adventure worth while; it's not often I am left sweaty, wet, dripping naked on my bed after my pussy has been left happy and almost purring with satisfaction.

Annabel x

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