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the case of the accidental dogging...

Posted by Annabel taylor, 27 February 2014 · 1614 views

dirty smut erotic dogging
sometimes, i like to take on what one would call a summer boyfriend, the requirements are simple for this post, young dumb and full of cum, tall and must drive... Posted Image

i often get a pang for the type of sex i don't have in work, the type where getting the flu has never been sexier, the type of sex where your driving along with someone, and you just, gotta start feeling there cock,

once in Galway my then summer boyfriend and I where out on one of our usual drives, we hadn't drove through the city before my hands where roaming down his pants, i loved to make him rock hard driving through the crowded streets, when the road would be clearer he often returned the favor, we left the city heading out west, and my constant begging of stroking his cock and whispering ''pull over now a fuck me'' final won, and down a secluded beach we went,

the hand brake was barely pulled, when i had his cock pulled out stroking it feeling it get rock hard in my hand, with each kiss and flick of his tongue im getting wetter and hotter, we pull each other clothes off bit by bit, kissing licking and sucking each area as we did..... i give him the look that says outside babe...

i sit on the bonnet of his car, he rips my panties of quick, pulls my legs apart and enters me quick and hard, i wrap my legs around him pulling him in closer and harder, lying back moving my legs up by his neck, rising my hips up and down fucking his cock, as he rubs my clit, making my moans echo louder through the still night, he flips me over, my nipples harden when they hit the cool bonnet, he starts slow and deep building up slowly, thrusting into my soaking tight pussy, me shouting, begging, for him to go harder, him smacking my curvy bouncy ass, as i pushed back hard on his cock...

but then....

i look over to other side of the small car park, and then i see it, a man sitting happily in his car watching us, then i notice another and another, and the sudden realization hits me, we are in a dogging site and we are tonight's stars,
now been more a nervous type than i, my dear summer boyfriend apon noticing this, pulls up his boxers and runs back to the car leaving me naked and without clothes at the front of the car, listening the cheers form our audience...

i got back in and we drove off quickly, not to worry however we finish the deed elsewhere... was good experience for him, we got caught by a garda the week afterPosted Image

till next time

Annabel x

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