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a tiggeriffic tale

Posted by Annabel taylor, 07 March 2014 · 1424 views

my time escorting has not just been sex and money, for the true nature of escorting is far more than just sex. You encounter so many different people, some want a quick fuck and be on there way, others company, etc

but then there is those you do not want such a thing, for there desire is far more complex than a good time shared with an attentive escort,... o no these guys are much different, they are know as the time waster

the time waster comes in many forms, but there result is common, to mess you about,
now some get upset, god knows i used too, but now i take a much better approach.

there guises of course differ, form those who just ring book and never show up, to those who ring to ask numerous questions and your location, with no more intention of turning up than our government has on serving its people, to those who do intend turn up, grab a feel of half naked plump breast and tell you sorry i've no money....

now to get upset would indeed be natural, but healthy not so much, certainly not to maintain a happy hooker mindset, so instead i deal with these in my own special way,

my motto in this job ''if you pull the piss, i will pull it back'' dealing with time wasters/messers/idiots has become almost a sport to me, form pretending to be take away, garda stations etc, i am rather good at different accents

but one of my favorites to have dealt with a serial look and go, one which had caught me out not once but sadly twice,

one day, while out shopping i spotted a tiger onsie, which i bought immediately as i am indeed a child at heart, when i got home i got the call, ''are you free in 10minutes'' i immediately knew the voice, smiled and went '' of course '' and promptly gave the address.
i skipped with delight into my bathroom, pouring the contents of my make up bag into my sink, searching out just the right shades of black white and orange, i painted my face, like a warrior would, preparing myself physical and mentally for the task at hand, shaking my ample curves into my tiger onsie, i was giddy waiting for my guy to arrive,

he arrives and there an excited knock on the door, i grab my Hurley and go to answer, and when i see my lovely guy standing there, readying himself to grab my boobs, but instead i leap out at him, in my tiger onsie painted face of orange black, and white strips, and begin to roar like a tiger, while chasing him to the lift, slapping his ass with my Hurley, when he got the lift, sadly it just was not quick enough, and i watch him skid, falling down the stairs, trying his best to make a very quick get away,

after he left i strutted my way back to my apartment laughing and smiling,

im pretty sure, he will not do it again for a long time

sometimes, you just have to laugh at what life throws, and as they say knock a bit of crack out of it,

till next time


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