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A unique guide to curing the common cold!

Posted by Annabel taylor, 10 March 2014 · 1494 views

during my whoring and touring adventures, there is no bigger and more annoying thing that falling ill, can ruin someone whole week, and leave upset clients in its a wake due to cancelations, some will be lovely some will promise to ruin your business for canceling, a handy way to find out what kind person there are i find!

Recently while in a hotel, i woke up very hot and very sweaty, putting it down to the very hot room. during the booking, with a delightful client head buried firmly in my hot throbbing pussy, my skin was on fire, blood boiling, pouring sweat and cumming very hard, but alas the anticlimax hits quick, when you realize, the horrible fact its not the room, and it wasn't his skills, your sick Posted Image

whenever im at time no one will touch me, periods and illness, my body likes to announces this by sending a truck load of horny bitch through my body.. but lucky my days traveling have taught me something important, fail to prepare, prepare to fail!

so here is my guide to conquering and giving two fingers to the common cold in under 2 days, while staying in a hotel....

when the fever hits.

sweat sweat sweat, best way to remove all the nasty things in your body
now you can just climb back into your bed, but i like to move shit along,

* hot whiskies, hourly no point dealing with this shit sober, hot water and sugar lemon if your lucky, i tend to keep some Romanian home brew, make poitin look like a drink for children in my suitcase, fire these into till you pass out or run out

*pipping hot baths, as the saying goes, i like my women like my baths so hot you can only stay in them a few seconds, but get in and sweat, get out dry back to bed, slug more hot whiskey

*the best one, as i mentioned the insane horniness works in our favor here, Dr Annabel recommends, some serious amounts of masterbation, on the hour and esp after a hot bath and whiskey, not only does it make you sweat, but cumming introduces a state of well being, but in order to come, one must hit the bible of lubrications for this, only found in the deepest darkest parts of your mind, for i will come to such filth, its nature too filthy to discuss even here, i have felt slightly ashamed when ive cum sometimes....but most be done, altho horny the feeling of been hit by bus makes actual completion difficult, but the sheer act of furiously masturbating one clit will knock some sweat out, continue till the bed is wet in more ways that one,

the runny nose issue,

two things

*while enjoying the hot steamy bath, get on your knees, slip a wank in if you can here, can be really trippyPosted Image and hold your head under the hot water counting to 20, and letting go your breath form your nose pushing hard as you surface, follow this by quickly sniffing poppers, till you feel some tingling in your special places,

it means its gotten through and like magic nose unblocked,

again follow by masturbation,

of course the boring shit, drink lots of water, plenty victim c via juice and supplement etc etc,

so with a massive F you to the sisters who told me i would go blind for masterbating and threw me out when i pointed out one could just masterbate enjoy it and get glasses, here is solid proof masturbation is indeed good for one health and the cure to the common cold

i hope this helps someone out Posted Image

till next time

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