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a true mornings delight.....

Posted by Annabel taylor, 23 May 2014 · 1551 views

ilovemyjob dirtyness
a true mornings delight.....

rules as they say are meant to be broken... god knows i like breaking them
form non smoking rooms, been made smoking with the help of a sock to breaking even my own rules.... Posted Image

this morning, a sexy sexy boy called for a booking, i have seen a few times this week, even for a little outdoors, something in his sexy eyes and tight ass, and that gorgeous perfect hard thick cock with the most velvety skin, that you just want to touch it, gliding you hands up and down a cock like is just mmm

when he calls he offers to bring his friend, and sends a picture of both, normal i would be like hell no, i will end up buried in the mountains and robbed, but something went, fuck it, yes ok, give me 20minutes

the guys arrive tall both sexy both rock hard, i bring then into the bedroom, and both are touching me kissing me, IM moving between there lips, teasing the lips, kissing deeply, as the pull my clothes off, one begins to suck on nipples, the other kissing me deeply, my pussy getting wetter and wetter, my skin is alight everyone of there touches driving me wild, moments of is it a dream, go through my mind, till i feel one of the fingers circling lightly on my clit.... o no this certainly is not a dream

one of them lies on the bed, i start teasing his cock with my tongue and then wrapping my mouth around it, before slowly descending all the way to his balls, watching his every reaction......... as IM bend over, i feel the flicker of tongue gliding form clit to my ass, feeling the tongue encircling my clit... tasting me, making it throb even more........... the faster and deeper i sucked the other guys cock, the deeper and faster he lick my pussy, till i came him licking every bit up....... then grabbing my face, and push me onto his cock, while the other guy, got condom........ and started fucking me really hard, my pussy still throbbing form Cumming form the lick out, tightens around his cock, pulsing Cumming again and again, as suck every each of my other guys cock licking his balls, spitting on his cock as IM been fucked hard my ass spanked, and the sexy nordie accent asking me if IM a dirty bitch, and my god i am,

then both stand in front of me while IM on my knees, playing with clit, and all they ask... is those this dirty bitch want some cum

the answer.....

yes please.....

till next time xxxx

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