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To answer the obvious question on everyone's lip's..

Posted by LilRedRidinHood, 18 March 2016 · 832 views

'How come it looks like my number has been used in a scam two months before advertizing on iie'.


Let me first give you all an over view & bring you up to speed. I am the escort who kept a list of pimp activities that were directed towards myself between 2005-2009. What sparked my editing the list to begin with was a group of males who called on certain dates each month at certain times to book & not show up, to 3pm 6pm cancellation's, to threats of sending unsavoury males to my door, to threats of sending inla to my door, even escorts who were used to contact me to waste time by trying to delude me into thinking she & he were a couple but was not willing to have him call me so i googled her number, low & behold an agency escort no less, to set up's not working out the way they wanted them to, to a male who was no doubt sent to my door that had never been before, i'm guessing he was an affiliate of a pimp from my list that pimp's were up to their old trick's, this poor male was chased down Camden St for dear life by a very good & still close friend who said he ran like a whippet.


If we take look back for a news paper article between 2007-2009 for something along the lines to do with an escort who suposidly had a client list & was going to spill the bean, this was instigated by a pimp of e.i & the agency fem used to front such a story was one such from the e.i site.


A longterm punter of mine from 2007 gave me the www.cro.ie website & suggested in look up failed business ventures such as sex shop's to begin with & googled all names for info & affiliates linked, the papers gave me name to face photo's throughout my time as an independent escort & flagging me back to the cro site.


The first week of March 2007 a call came in as a new client, wanted to go to a pub, i took what cash i had with me, i had two small baileys, he had three beer, then he wanted to go to a lap dancing club, so we did, i had to sit on my hands, throughout that time in the club something flagged & wasn't right about this male, his body language was off for just a punter, i made excuses to go for a cigarette, at no point did cash exchange hands but that's not what this blog is about, i bought a bottle of house wine from the club & had half a glass of wine, leaving the club i recall getting into the taxi outside the club but don't recall getting out of the taxi, nor opening the lower entrance & upper entrance doors to my room on Camden St, the morning after when i woke the room spun so fast i wobbled to the bathroom to chuck my guts up, in the bathroom mirror i saw carpet burns on my shoulder blades, back, bum & elbows aswel as marks that were not there two nights before & no memory of what happened after i got into the taxi the eve before, my room had been ram sacked, the bastard robbed what cash i had, am pretty sure his intent was to find my pimp list, he was not successful.


That was reported to Garda back then, two days later i receive a call from a know affiliate of a e.i fats who asked how i was then said out right 'ye can't rape a prostitute it's impossible' & hung up.


A week after that, i made it my personal biz to find out who each & every person involved & affiliated to those pimps on my extensive past pimp activity list were. From then on i've been a few steps ahead as these narcissistic people, it got so that when this type would call i'd answer with hi followed by their birth name's only to hear them stutter before they hang up & call back from a with held number.


Now getting to the why i feel my number was used in a scam, Fats of e.i his partner hides behind Uglymugs claiming they help escorts, knowing what i do & the who's who of which site, i emailed Uglymugs back late last year & fed them a bûllsh!ț story which they pounced on, before emailing Uglymugs i had only used my email for media sites, game downloads & private emails.


February 7th 2016 that email address was hacked then again on the 9th of February, i'm guessing by someone linked to Uglymugs who is a whiz kid on computers & is known for building fake pages of those he seeks to discredit.


Its not that hard to put 2 & 2 together & work out what's going on in the mind of fats, the inverted narcissist head, same as always, trying & delude people into looking at something from his prebuilt created computer skills as a true fraudster.


So please continue.. Show the punters your inverted personality disorder traits & folks will be able to deduce for themselves that these negative response's will no doubt be of those on my past pimp activity list & i'm not afraid to air it every month on my blogs.

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