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www.ladyvonteese.com [email protected] owns All copy rights black thigh high boot fetish Dublin Irish mature independent escort GFE Fetish

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[email protected]

www.ladyvonteese.com ladyvonteese@gmail.com owns All copy rights black thigh high boot fetish Dublin Irish mature independent escort GFE Fetish

No photo shop, no professional photographer, no camera used either just a cheep Motorola phone was used to take all my photos. Some of us just dont need all the photo shop and have to spend 1000's to make our self look good. I also took these photos my self.


My Christmas and New Year Tours will be up here, on my twitter and lots of other places. Be sure to book in advance



Sunday 18th of December from 2pm till Monday 11pm on the 19th


Dublin 24

Tuesday 20th of December from 1pm till Friday 11.45am on the 23rd (Friday 23rd booking only from 10am to 11.45am)



I am still working on my new updates for www.ladyvonteese.com but hope to have it up in the coming weeks and to keep adding lots of new photos, stories and movie clips. xx


If you are looking for something such as uniforms, shoes etc, please be sure you book and make your request before I go on tour otherwise I may just see you as a time waster making request when I have already left home.


I do not text chat (or sex chat when on tour) I do not haggle my prices or offer any unsafe unprotected services or A levels on me either (just you guys and girls who are into it). Hygiene is very important to me and should be for you too so taking a shower is a must.

I only share fun times with those I click with so don’t be offended if we just don’t click as not everyone dose. x


Those calling to make a booking only do so once you know all the details of your booking: the city, date, time, how long the booking is for and discreetly the type of booking you’re hoping to share with me. If when you call you can’t get though via phone call (as I am kept very busy) send me a text message with all the above information in “one” text message as I do not time to text back and forth so will not take your booking seriously. Once I receive all the relevant information requesting the booking I will then text you back with a convenient time to call me, as I only take booking once we have at least chatted


All bookings have to be and I mean has to be “fun for both parties” If you wish to return for round two! But be warned I’m told I’m addictive Lol. x


I am not looking for a diver, body guard or looking to meet up for any type of threesome’s and hope you find you find a special person to share this type of booking with. I am an independent Irish kinky mature hot MILF who is naturally dominate so loves “Play Roles” the top favourites being both for me and my clients are a “Naughty Head Mistress”, “Friends Best Friends Mum. Auntie or Step Mom” and “The Hot Sexy Bossy Bitch at Work Who Just Cant Help but keeps You Late” Lol.x


I run a legal legitimate business and pay my Tax’s here in Ireland so I am not taking money out of the country but putting it back into it and have been lucky to meet so many lovely fun people I’m having a total blast with and look forward to seeing you again and again. Lol


For those wishing to make a booking please be aware there are many time wasters in this industry as there too, some are unsavoury charters. I also keep hearing that you guys are making booking but then are left standing without your agreed appointment due to the girl has double booked so then left without your arranged booked and for some having wasted their time driving a long journey too. Hence I have a system to get rid of time wasters which is a refundable Meteor phone To-up deposit which you can pick up in any shop, garage or pay on-line. Once we have chatted and made the arrangements to meet, you just pick up the phone credit which is 10 Euros credit for half an hour and 20 Euros for 45 min or a hour. You then text me “the 12 digit number on the Top-up receipt, the city, how long the booking is for and the time of the booking, once I have checked the telephone credit has gone through I will text you confirming I am keeping our agreed booking and other details. And so long as you arrive at the agreed time you then deduct the cost of the phone credit however if you are late or don’t show up it will not be refunded.


Please also note this is not a date website, I’m not looking for a boyfriend, or lovely so I don't need someone to spend my time chatting with either for free. I only work from 9.30am (booking from 9.30am-11am deposit paid must be booked before 11pm the previous day and a min of 45 min’s) and my last new client is at 10.pm as I only see my regulars till 11.30pm. And turn my phone off at midnight as I do not work 24/7 as I’m here for the fun and money not just the money and safety and discretion comes first. Best time for me to chat is 10am to 11am and 10pm to midnight.


So if you are looking to make a booking to meet with me for some clean safe healthy kinky erotic hot times please do so in advance with the Meteor Top-us as I am kept very busy on my tours sharing moments you really would not believe Or will be stopping just to answer my calls as I do not pick up my phone when I have a booking


All the very best for now and looking forward to meeting up with some old friends and new like-minded ones too. xxxx hugs.


Lady Von Teese

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