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Board Rules & Guidelines

  • No Spamming period. We have a zero tolerance policy when it comes to spamming, whether your a paid advertiser or not.
  • No Private Messaging Spamming. Any escorts/service provider found to be doing this will immediately have their account disabled and/or banned.
  • No duplicate posts - ever! Find the correct section and post it there once and once only. Otherwise your posts will be removed and account maybe banned.
  • No foul language if possible. Please use your intelligence and wit in an argument!
  • No calling escorts anything other than "Escorts".
  • No abusive language or threats towards another person. Any person found to be threathening an escort or client, will be banned and have their details passed on to the Garda/PSNI including their IP addresses.
  • Never ever post someone's address, either escorts or clients, or post their real private names. If you do your details including IP address may be given to that person and the Garda/PSNI.
  • Private message correspondance should be kept private at all times. Do not publish a pm from another user without their permission please or without the permission of an IIE staff member.

Please Note: Every board has it's own rules located at the top of each forum so read them please before posting.

Warning System

We use a warning system that allows us to track every warning we issue to users. You may receive a warning for posting in the wrong section or not obeying the board rules. You can see your own warning details in your profile. Each warning increases your "warning bar" by 10%. If you reach 100% your account will be banned/disabled.