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Service Provider Region Specific Area Starts Ends
Busty SandyMonaghanMonaghan8th January23rd January
Michelle FoxDublinDublin 2, Grand canal dock11th January13th February
LaviniaMayoCastlebar15th January21st January
LaviniaLouthDundalk22nd January28th January
Mature JosephineMayoCastlebar23rd January27th January
Busty SandyTipperaryCashel26th January4th February
Mature JosephineFermanaghEnniskillen28th January30th January
LaviniaBelfastCITY Center29th January4th February
LaviniaCorkCITY Center5th February11th February
Busty SandyMonaghanMonaghan6th February13th February
LaviniaMayoCastlebar12th February18th February
LaviniaBelfastCITY Center19th February25th February
Fräulein SilkeBelfastBelfast25th February24th March
LaviniaLouthDundalk26th February4th March
LaviniaCorkCITY Center5th March11th March
LaviniaMayoCastlebar12th March18th March
LaviniaBelfastCITY Center19th March25th March
LaviniaDublinD18 SANDYFORD26th March1st April
Fräulein SilkeMayoCastlebar12th April29th April
LaviniaCorkCITY Center2nd July8th July
LaviniaMayoCastlebar9th July15th July
LaviniaBelfastCITY Center23rd July29th July
LaviniaLouthDundalk30th July4th August
LaviniaCorkCITY Center1st October7th October
LaviniaMayoCastlebar8th October14th October
LaviniaLouthDundalk22nd October28th October
LaviniaBelfastCITY Center29th October4th November
LaviniaCorkCITY Center5th November11th November
LaviniaMayoCastlebar12th November18th November
LaviniaBelfastCITY Center19th November25th November
LaviniaCorkCITY Center3rd December9th December
LaviniaMayoCastlebar10th December16th December
LaviniaLouthDundalk LATEST DAY EVER HERE!!!17th December22nd December


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